Geoff Tristram

Workaday Cats, Teddies at Home and Cats of Mystery

Artist Geoff Tristram’s charming images of cats at work, at play, and generally getting in the way have made him a national institution in his native England.

The artist’s images are well-known throughout the United Kingdom, where they have appeared on postage stamps, record sleeves, advertisement and as still-life images and fine portraiture. He is known broadly for his love of detail. The artist’s work has been extensively licensed internationally and the artist has a very large following worldwide.

Originally it was a commission to paint a cat in a house setting that sparked his interest in painting cats in realistic environments, doing all those things that cat and kittens love to do. He is a committed cat loved and is constantly borrowing cats to be his subjects, with the promise to their owners that he will immortalize them on canvas.

The artist’s work is perfect for wall décor, giftware, tiles, pleasant and appealing home décor products, jigsaws, needlecraft and many other craft products, calendars, cards and every variety of paper product. He is represented exclusively for licensing by Porterfield’s Fine Art Licensing.

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