Resources for Artists
(and how to get started)

    At Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing we're always seeking excellent artists who want to have their art reach a broader audience, and thereby increase their income and artistic reputation.

    On the following pages we'll tell you how to go about becoming a Porterfield's artist, and give you helpful hints on the do's and don'ts of commercial art licensing. Click on the links to go to these pages:

How to Become a Porterfield's Artist

Articles on "The Do's and Don'ts of Art Licensing"

- How to License Your Art and Protect Your Rights at the Same Time

- How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Artists Make when Licensing Their Art 

- Ten Secrets to Success in Art Licensing

- Who Pays What and to Whom?

- How an Artist can Avoid Disaster in Today's Print Market

- Hot Words to Look For in Licensing Agreements - and What to Do About Them

- A Simple Beginner's Guide: How You Can Use the Internet to 
Promote Your Art

- The Runaway License

- Read Porterfield's Blog at

The State of Art Licensing:

        -  The Future of Art Licensing in a Changing Market

Links and Specialized Resources

If you have specific questions that you'd like to ask in advance of sending us art, just email us first.

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