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Christmas art pages
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Snow Pals

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Santa's On His Way

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) A Welcome Visitor

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Old Kris Kringle
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WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) In Santa's Workshop
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Old Father Christmas
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) The Nativity
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WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Holy Icons
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Mister Merryweather

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Angels Among Us

Americana Art Pages:
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Americana Landscapes - New!
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Living In The Country
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) In Old America
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) An Old-Fashioned Christmas
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Farmstands Through The Year
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Country Samplers
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Kitchen Samplers

Holidays Around The Year:
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Halloween

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) St. Patrick's Day
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Easter
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Fourth of July
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Christmastime
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Thanksgiving
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Valentine's Day
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Cozy Cottage

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Christmas Art Pages

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Holiday, Kitchen and Garden Patterns

    Joseph Holodook is one of America's finest painters of Santa Claus, country Americana, and everything Christmas. In the small towns and villages of Holodook's America you can sip the cider, sit by the cracker barrel, go sugaring and skating in the winter and enjoy life as it used to be, and perhaps ought to be.

    The artist has created hundreds of pieces of art, many of them folk art and Americana that sold quickly in the traditional markets and galleries of the Hudson River Valley, and many of his works grace fine homes as well as major corporations, among them Ernst & Young and ITG Boston.  He has also created restoration artwork for the Sacred Heart Church and for the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, both in Hudson, New York.

    In recent years Holodook has turned his interests toward another St. Nicholas -- Santa Claus -- as well as other holiday-related images which show the influence of the works of Norman Rockwell and the Wyeths on his art.  Joseph paints primarily in oil on canvas, and his works range in size from 16x20 to 36x48.

    The artist has licensed his work broadly.  Licensees for which he has created artwork include Hallmark, Evergreen Enterprises, C&F Enterprises, Hearthside Home, JCA, Leanin' Tree, Limited Treasures, Ne'Qwa, Pure Country Weavers, PaperKraft, Ravensburger, Pictura, Tweel, Wincraft, NCE, UNICEF and many others both here and abroad.

    After joining Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing, Joseph Holodook began to license his artistic works into a broad range of home decor and decorative products.  These efforts have broadened public awareness of his art and increased his name recognition throughout the United States and have helped make him one of America's best-loved painters of country Americana themes.

   For more information about licensing Joseph Holodook's artistic works for your products, please contact Lance J. Klass at Porterfield's, (800) 660-8345, or email Porterfield's now.

   Also, see our blog on the Business of Art Licensing at and Art & Licensing News, both brought to you by Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing.


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