The Roaring Twenties
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Sandy Lloyd is a remarkable artist and photographer who creates marvelous, evocative mixed-media works that are as captivating as they are beautiful.

    In the artist's words, "I have always had a connection with times past and I'm certain this seed was planted by my grandmother, who raised me. She introduced me to flappers and to the quintessential 'It Girl' of the 1920's, Clara Bow."

    "From childhood on I've been fascinated by historic personalities and costumes, and entranced by the romantic allure of timeless Paris. I like to think my work takes you on a whirlwind journey to a delightful place and leaves you looking for more."

    With the exception of two years of design school, the artist is self-taught. Working with a combination of elements that include her own vivid photography and vintage ephemera, she creates mixed-media collages that showcase not only Paris but also the allure of the Roaring Twenties, set in her local community on Puget Sound in Washington State.

    Sandy Lloyd was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but has called Port Orchard, Washington her home for nearly a decade. The wide open spaces and magical scenery of the Pacific Northwest have been the inspiration for much of her recent work, but she also has an extensive portfolio featuring pieces with European and seasonal themed images inspired by historical eras such as 18th century France, Belle Epoque Paris and the 1920's.

    Porterfield's is delighted to represent the beautiful, charming and often compelling images of this wonderful artist.  

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