Country Life and Living
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WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Peace on Earth

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) A Snowman Christmas
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WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Dear Santa
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) An Old-Fashioned Christmas
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WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Winter Visitors
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) On the Coast - New!
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WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Horse Fancy

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Days on the Farm

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Dreams of Glory
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Song of the North
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Water Birds
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) In The Wild
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) On the Water
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Fancy Feet
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Halloween
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Playing to Win
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Country Living

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Peace on Earth A Snowman Christmas
Dear Santa

An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Medley Of The Season Winter Visitors
Horse Fancy

Days On The Farm

Halloween Childhood Memories

Dreams of Glory

Song of the North
"This Time for Sure"
Water Birds In The Wild
On the Water

Fancy Feet

Country Living Playing to Win

    Richard De Wolfe is a self-taught professional artist working in both fine art and illustration. His art has enjoyed a great deal of popularity and acceptance ever since his first one-man show at the age of eighteen. 

    That show was a sell-out, supplying the young artist with commissions and launching a twenty-five year career as an illustrator, during which he created paintings for major international corporations including General Motors, Pepsi-Cola, Sears, Labatt's and Sony.

    The artist has participated in many art shows, including the Wildlife Habitat Canada Stamp Competition, the Wye Marsh Festival, and the Annual Exhibition of Canadian Artists and Photographers in Communication. His original paintings hang in private and corporate collections in Europe, the United States and across his native Canada.  Together with his wife, Mary, Richard lives on a horse farm in central Ontario, where he can study and paint horses and rural life as well as the wildlife which surrounds them.

    We are delighted to be able to present Richard De Wolfe's wildlife, water bird, and nostalgic country art, which is now available for licensing for the very first time. Richard DeWolfe's art is recommended for home decor products and accessories as well as stationery products and giftware.

    For more information, please contact Lance J. Klass at Porterfield's, (800) 660-8345, or email Porterfield's now.

    Also, see our blog on the Business of Art Licensing at brought to you by Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing.


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