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   Award-winning Canadian artist Michael Swanson was born in Mecklenburg, Germany. Trapped behind the Iron Curtain for years,his family finally was able to escape to the West and moved to North America in the 1960's. Reflecting on all this, he views life as a lottery, "You either win or cease to exist".

   His move to North America saw Michael's talented career flourish. Spanning more than three decades, it started by having fun painting pictures, then on to the demanding and deadline-driven world of commercial illustration. Now he's back once again to having fun painting pictures, and what pictures they are!

   The artist credits two things that have made it possible for him to live an artist's lifestyle - an extraordinary insight and a natural artistic talent. Largely self-taught, he credits mentors who instilled him early on with confidence in his artistic abilities. Michael Swanson went on to win a host of awards as well as membership in The Society of Illustrators and the American Society of Aviation Artists.

   Among his honors is having won the coveted Windor-Newton calendar competition twice. His work has been featured in publications like Brush Stroke and international Artist magazine and his original paintings have sold through numerous galleries in the United States and Canada, including in Boca Raton, Laguna Beach, Mississauga, and in the prestigious Galleri du Tertre in Vence, France. He has had one-man shows, and his work has been published in fine lithographic editions.

   The artist's favorite pastime is painting landscapes, mostly oils on canvas, particularly of Europe's Mediterranean region which many great artists before him have chosen because of its unique light quality and ambience. He tries to select subjects that he considers challenging. Working from his century home studio, Michael Swanson produces a limited number of original oils each year that are bought or commissioned by serious private collectors, with most remaining works sold through galleries.

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