Maureen McCarthy

Country Blessings
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Country Charm:
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) In My Potting Shed
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Summer Treats
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Sunday at the Farm Stand
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Gone Antiquing

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) A Day On The Farm - New!

Autumn Blessings:
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Apples and Baskets
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Autumn Harvest

In My Country Kitchen:
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Hot Stuff!

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Hot Chili's!

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Blueberries in Season

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Quilt Panel Berries

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Country Kitchen Pleasures

Christmas in New Hampshire:
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Winged Visitors
- New!
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Christmas Cardinals

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Chickie & Friends
- New!
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Country Critters

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Let It Snow
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) A New Hampshire Christmas

Spring has Sprung! (Summer too):
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Summer Bounty - New!
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Lady's Slippers
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Country Birdhouses
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Loons on the Lake
- New!
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Porch Posies
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Sketchbook Wildflowers
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) New Hampshire Trillium
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Spring Bunny

Along the Shore and On the Water:
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Lighting the Way
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) On The Water - New!

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) The Artist Herself

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Maureen McCarthy main page

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Main Menu

Country Charm

Autumn Blessings
"Orchard Basket"

In My Country Kitchen

Blueberries in Season Quilt Panel Berries

Christmas in New Hampshire

Spring Has Sprung! (Summer Too)

Summer Bounty

Lady's Slipper

Country Birdhouses

Loons on the Lake

Porch Posies Sketchbook Wildflowers

New Hampshire Trillium  Spring Bunny
"Purple Trillium"  

Along The Shore and On the Water

Lighting the Way On The Water 

   Maureen McCarthy is a country artist in rural New Hampshire whose charming country images have gained her a nationwide reputation.

    We strongly recommend the artist's works for home decor products, trays, trivets, tiles, kitchen and dining room fabrics and decor, wall decor, throws and related home and wall decor products. 

    For information about licensing the works of this wonderfully creative artist, please call Lance J. Klass, President of Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing, at (800) 660-8345 or email Porterfield's.  

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