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WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Still Life With Lace
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"Blue Willow"
by Joy Waldman

    Joy Waldman is an award-winning watercolor artist who lives and teaches in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Her expressive floral watercolors, sunny gardens, seascapes, and whimsical children's art express a spontaneity and joie de vivre for which her work is known.  

    Joy's vibrant use of color and freedom of stroke lend a quality to her work that is at once expressive and decorative.  Her bold, yet sensitive, watercolors celebrate beauty in nature - the spontaneous joy fresh flowers evoke, the universal appeal of spring in bloom or summer unfolding.

    Joy Waldman is a member of several prestigious art associations, including the well-known Copley Society of Boston.  She has exhibited in numerous galleries, designer show houses and art festivals.

    The artist's watercolors and commissioned works are represented nationally in private and corporate collections. Over the years, many of Joy's paintings have been published as limited editions, posters, greeting cards, gift bags, placemats, and even a line of apparel.  

    Porterfield's is delighted to be able to add an artist of this magnitude to its roster of fine artists and to make the new and recent images of Joy Waldman broadly available for art licensing.  We recommend the artist's work for all home decor and giftware products, stationery and related paper items, wall decor and for any product that is created to bring warmth and color into a home.  

    To inquire about licensing Joy Waldman's lovely art for your products, please contact Lance Klass, President of Porterfield's, at (800) 660-8345 or email Porterfield's now.

   Also, see our blog on the Business of Art Licensing at brought to you by Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing.

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