Angels of Peace
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Comfort & Joy Angel
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Christmas Blessings Angel
Gloria Angels
Happy Christmas Angel
Happy Christmas Angel Border
Winter Wonders Angel
Winter Wonders Angel Border
Comfort & Joy Angel White Christmas Angel
Best Friend Angel Heavenly Peace Angel
Holly & Ivy Angel Mother Angel
Sister Angel Grandmother Angel

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   Janet Stever is a life-long artist and illustrator with a long list of commissions and credits, honors and awards.

    The artist received her B.F.A. in Illustration from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, where she earned the Senior Illustration Award and graduated as valedictorian of her class.  She has many years of experience freelancing and has had several staff illustration positions.  Clients over the years for whom she has created artwork have included Byers' Choice, Cherrydale Farms, Rodale, Reader's Digest, Converting, Giftco, Independent Can, Hoffmaster, Roman and many others.

    The rare but interesting staff positions were an exciting challenge for Janet.  Though there may have only been one illustrator on staff it was often necessary to make it appear as if the studio used many different illustrators.  This broadened her imagination and versatility and brought her to a level of expertise in a wide variety of media, techniques, and style.

    The artist works almost entirely with non-electronic media.  She loves the feel of pulling paint across paper and believes the freshness of hand-created art cannot be matched.  

    Janet attributes her talent to the Lord and knows it is purely and simply a gift.  When she's not drawing Janet enjoys Bible study, singing in her church choir and ringing in the hand bell choir.  She enjoys a good book and a walk in the woods.  The artist and her husband have two sons whom she considers to be the most wonderful and creative things she's ever done.

    Porterfield's is delighted to be able to make the Christmas, holiday, seasonal and inspirational works of this remarkably creative artist available for licensed products on an exclusive basis.

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