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    The moment Jane Wooster Scott's brush touches her rainbow palette and then strokes a canvas, something magical happens: a new Wooster Scott painting is born.

    The canvas evokes infinite beauty in explosions of color producing a compelling, intricate composition. Her paintings bring to life an era in America we wish we had known. Perhaps it is a neverland in reality. All the same, Scott creates an idealization of this country at a time of tranquility, gallantry, simplicity and harmony.

    An incurable romantic, Scott has the capacity to read the American soul that longs for adventure, articulating visually the songs of a nation. Her delicate leafy trees bend to unseen breezes, her brooks and streams gurgle with happy sounds beneath transcendent blue skies.

    Scott's compositions spring from her imagination, from impressions of her extensive travels, antique photographs and reminiscences of her parents and grandparents.

    She is, in fact, an enormously gifted product of her heritage: a childhood in suburban Philadelphia laced with family outings to the storybook ambience of "Pennsylvania Dutch" villages and farms. She saw the vestiges of Quaker and Amish barns, covered bridges, whitewashed fences, mills and quaint homes. Her parents bundled off the youthful Scott to summer camps in New England. Holidays were frequently spent on the Atlantic shore.

    Every inch a chic and fashionable contemporary woman, Scott does not limit herself to 19th century motifs. She was commissioned to visit Kenya and Tanzania to paint stunning African scenes for the California Special Olympics. She has toured Japan's seven largest cities with her one-woman shows. Wherever she travels abroad, Scott's paintings ring with a distinctly American authenticity.

    She remains most captivated by the nooks and crannies of her homeland, and has a continuing fascination with the individuality of small town America. As the nation's great cities increasingly become indistinguishable from one anothe, Scott treasures the individuality of hamlets, villages and townships that survive. Scott continues to explore the majesty of the Rockies, the silence of the American Southwest, the Midwest's plains and farmland, the charm of the South and even the cityscapes of mighty Manhattan.

    Her limited-edition serigraphs and lithographs are found in galleries in every state in the Union. She is devoted to expanding her artistic horizons, examining new themes and landscapes, and seeking forgotten homilies, celebrations and traditions.

    Since her first show more than 30 years ago, the artist has become the foremost painter of Americana in the world today. Her canvases also hang in embassies around the world, and in private collections and public buildings in Europe, Australia and Japan. Jane also was commissioned by President Ronald Reagan to create a painting for the White House. She recently painted a commission for Oprah Winfrey of her beautiful home in Montecito, California. Other notable commissions include paintings for West Point, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Southern California.

    Her collectors include scores of celebrities, among them Kirk Douglas, Carol Burnett, Sylvester Stallone, Dyan Cannon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry King and the late actors Henry Fonda, Paul Newman and Gene Kelly, all of whom sponsored her one-woman shows.

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