The Angels of Grace

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"Love's Embrace"
Serenity's Garden
Love's Embrace    
"The Gift of Peace" by Edward Tadiello "Reflections in a Golden Pool" by Edward Tadiello
The Gift of Peace
Reflections in a Golden Pool

     "I am concerned in my work with the representation of the human form by means of classical artistic anatomy. 

     "I believe that only a solid and practical understanding of the skeletal framework and the muscle forms it supports will enable me to interpret the model before me, and to translate what I see into a work of art -- a work that at minimum will celebrate the marvelous, infinitely beautiful form that we humans are, and at maximum w
ill touch the viewer in an emotional way, nourishing them, making them feel and be engaged in an aesthetic experience that will transport them from the ordinary to the sublime."
                                                -- Edward Tadiello

   The angels created by Edward Tadiello touch upon the sublime and are among the finest angel art ever painted by an American artist.

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