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"Lakeside Picnic" by noted Porterfield's artist Joseph Holodook.

In the following pages you will find some of the best new licensable art available today.

Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing is an international art licensing agency that represents some of the finest commercial artists in the licensing field today.

Porterfield's was established in 1995 and over the years has grown to become one of North America's foremost art licensing agencies,
with over 30 artists and more than 3,000 pieces of compelling artwork.

Our focus has ranged from home decor and accessories, kitchen and tabletop products, dining room decor products,
fabric and apparel to giftware, cards, stationery, all types of paper products, quilting and bolt fabrics, puzzles and toys,
and a host of unique and compelling products made even more attractive by the use of artwork licensded from Porterfield's artists.

Over the years, the company and its President, Lance J. Klass, has also been a leader in educating artists about the do's and dont's of art licensing,
how to license art, what to watch out for in licensing agreements, how to build strong licensing relationships,
and what the business of art is all about. If you're an artist, be sure to read the helpful articles provided for your benefit, including:

- How to License Your Art and Protect Your Rights at the Same Time
- Ten Secrets to Success in Art Licensing
- Hot Words to Look For in Art Licensing Agreements - and What to Do About Them
and many others.

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For information about licensing the works of any of the artists whose images are shown on these pages,  please contact Lance Klass, President, Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing,  (800) 660-8345 or email us right now. Please state your specific interest in the art, whether licensing, authorized reproduction, or other potential usage when contacting us.

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